Bingo Boom for young people

Bingo is a game for retirees? Who should still be of this opinion, it must necessarily revise, because as it stands, is bingo, the game, which once devoted pensioners with pound cake and coffee in musty community halls, an absolute hit in the scene.

The proof? Quite simply, we go to the punk rock pub “iron” in Bremen. As is the mood of cooking, seating there is no longer a long time. Nevertheless, it will take guests on to seek standing room for Hanno Balz, the organizer of “Electro Bingo” ensures that the atmosphere heats up properly.

Yesterday he came in flip-flops and shorts, belgeitet from Baywatch song in the store and shouts: “Get loose, her Spacken, let’s go!” The music is turned up all the way. Then the guests get their drink and to a lottery ticket. “Win, Win” bawls Hanno into the microphone, waving a card that busty Pamela Anderson shows in full beauty.

“Bingo” yells a young man with curly hair in the grid size, courtship calls, “Come wobbled over, you hairstyle miracle!” So it goes throughout the evening. But not only in Bremen bingo has become an absolute hit in the scene, also in Kreuzberg neighborhood bingo or bingo Dico in Osnabrück aroused enthusiasm among the fans.

Bingo can, albeit in rather unconventional look, provide really great mood. Accompanied by jokes, sayings and great music under the auspices of the “limelight” courtship is bingo a real hit. Because you should hardly think that hiding a PhD in history and history lecturer at the bizarre costumes of courtship. Soon he will take up a lectureship in Baltimore, USA. With Electro Bingo is then once intermission, which is a shame, because now the bingo evenings have cult status.

Fancy a game of bingo? If you want to try it once with the great game that can be the Jackpot City Casino go, because there is a separate bingo platform. It is certain that the game will then gain a lot of other fans.

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