New bingo site from Microgaming

May is just a great month for all casino fans, because shortly after Microgaming the publication of five new slot machine has announced it is now for bingo friends something new. “Glossy Bingo” is the new page that is powered by Microgaming software.

If you look at the page, you will notice that it is different from the presentation here from other sites, because one would think, to have a magazine in front of him and no gambling site. Incidentally, there is next to exciting bingo games and other fantastic releases by Microgaming, ranging from slots to the great classics of casino gambling.

In Glossy bingo it already is the second side; the first is the popular Butler’s Bingo platform, which went on line in July 2010 and on everyone’s lips was when in December 2012 an amazing jackpot of £ 5.88 million was disbursed. It is now hoped to entertain the fans with Glossy bingo in the same way.

Of course, Ian O’Farrell, the manager of Broadway Gaming Ltd. also commented on this: “Glossy Bingo is aimed at a different clientele than Butler’s Bingo. In Glossy Bingo wants to appeal to younger audiences, so those who are also enjoying to glossy magazines. The high quality software will enrich the journey through the platform in any case. “In any case, it is hoped that the new platform will appeal to players as well as the sister page Bultler’s bingo.

Glossy Bingo is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a gaming experience of a special kind. Not least, this fact of the fantastic Microgaming software is thanks to.

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