Spin Palace pays sharply from

2012 was rather unspectacular end for almost all. It was celebrated in the company of family or friends. Time by 12 clock the missiles were in the air and the good intentions have been established. But for two players at Spin Palace online casino, there was a moment ago a large sum of money into your account.

Large gains in online casinos is important to show that there really is approaching by fair means. Players draw by faith, because they feel a sense of security while now and will be paid to a jackpot. This publicize, has become the standard because it attracts new players. Spin Palace Casino there was for two players before the new year still a big payoff. Profits in the six figures are a rarity and with so much money, some wishes can be fulfilled.

Straight 100,000 euros were for the first player on 30 December. To this end, he helped the slot machine “Gopher Gold”, which is otherwise very rarely used by the players. Now he has more attention, because so far he rarely was on the list of the profit machine. Unfortunately Gophers Gold has no special features, not even free spins or a bonus game. He belongs to the traditional slots and therefore remains mostly behind the more modern slots. But now he helped a player too much money.

Two days earlier, on 28 December, a player won with the machines “Real Gems” is the sum of 120,000 euros. The usual 243 winning combinations, paired with the gem-topic there, who the players like him and bestowed a princely sum were.

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